The Cleveland Health Institute Anticipates Opening the Clinic June 1, 2020

Updated: May 2, 2020


Our mission is to establish procedures and protocols that will create a safe environment for our caring staff, patients and their families. We can best accomplish this by following the procedures and protocols outlined below.

We will continue to provide 24/7 coverage for our patients via phone and email. Phone consultations will continue to be scheduled for nonurgent care. More urgent care will be triaged and scheduled in the office as follows:

  1. All employees, patients and companions must wear face masks into the office and continue to wear them until they leave the building.

  2. Only two people at a time are permitted in our building elevators in order to allow six feet social distancing. Plan appropriately.

  3. The waiting room will be closed, so only patients and their caregiver should attend the appointment and they will be directed to the exam room immediately upon arrival. Check in and checkout will take place in this one room.

  4. Check in procedure for staff and patients will be thorough and may include temperature checks and specific viral testing if available. Patients who have symptoms of head colds or flu will not be scheduled in our regular clinics.

  5. No one will be admitted to the clinic without an appointment, so please call first. We will continue to schedule product pick up at the office when you make your phone order. We will carefully space out the schedule to best control patient traffic.

  6. The clinic will be sanitized three times during the day and each exam room will be thoroughly cleaned between patients. All staff will maintain the highest level of attention to assisting patient through the clinic is a manner that is respectful and consistent with preventing possible exposure to infection.

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