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Thomas L. Taxman, MD, FAAP

Dr. Taxman co-founded The Institute for Women's and Children's Health in 1999 to address nutritional, digestive, metabolic and autoimmune GI illnesses in a well designed private practice setting, which has allowed patients and families to team with us and navigate together through the various healthcare systems. He is certified by the Board of Pediatrics and the Board of Pediatric Gastroenterology.


With 30 years of clinical practice, he provides personalized comprehensive GI care to infants, children and adults, with metabolic foundation for illness and specifically directing therapies for correction and prevention of chronic disease. He lectures nationally for various organizations and is an Assistant Clinical Professor at CWRU School of Medicine, since 1986.


He sees patients at CHI and provides functional GI Medicine as a consultant in the Turning Point Pathway to Health Integrated Medical Clinic.  Dr. Taxman provides 24/7 coverage for GI emergencies. Our care  is aimed at achieving "Healthy Guts, Happy Kids and Whole Families!!"

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