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Dr. Heyman co-founded The Institute for Women’s and Children’s Health in 1991, treating the whole woman, addressing health by integrating the mind, body and spirit.


In 2015, she founded The Cleveland Health Institute, practicing her own brand of personalized medicine in the Turning Point Pathways to Health Clinic, delivering a medicine where patients are co-learners in a life journey. 


Dr. Heyman  brings her medical anthropology background, her thirty years experience as a gynecologist, her certifications from the National Institute for Aerobic Research, The Institute for Functional Medicine and The World Foundation for Traditional Chinese Medicine to her work as a physician. Her leadership is remarkable for holding her vision, while empowering and supporting her team. Her lectures and essays teach, as they inspire, and her passion is contagious. She is a Clinical Instructor at CWRU School of Medicine.


Dr. Heyman is now the Medical Director of Turning Point Pathways to Health, an affiliate of IWCH, where she consults as one of the integrated medicine faculty. Her care is based on predicting risk, preventing disease, individualizing and optimizing programs to achieve healing and maintain health. She is committed to physician and patient education, integrative medical research and the evolution of health care systems.

Tonya S. Heyman, MD, FACOG

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