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  • CHI patient phone calls are received and returned promptly and certainly by the end of the business day by CHI professional staff during business hours.


  • CHI Emergency Answering Services receives and immediately relays all calls to your healthcare provider. CHI patients are covered 24/7 by medical staff who know them by name.


  • CHI Healthcare Providers will coordinate the care of their patient with primary care, specialists or hospital providers.  Patient selected information will be available to patients and other providers.


  • Appointments are held daily for acute problems and new patients, all scheduled in a user friendly system, which confirms, cancels and reschedules appointments by phone, text or email.


  • Patients are seen in a state of the art, suburban, private practice setting, which is easily accessible and well designed to accommodate patients and their families.  Parking is free and there are no facility fees.


  • The CHI professional team includes physicians, nurses, medical assistants, experienced front office, nutritional and psychocsocial support staff.  We partner with our patients to educate and provide effective treatment plans designed to specific patient needs.  We support our patients through illness to health and forward to health optimization. 


  • Our Financial Policy confirms our commitment to team with our patients in offering the highest quality medical services and giving care options that are not necessarily limited by third party insurance payor coverage.  We ask that our patients reserve their appointments with a credit card, which is held in a secure file and never used without patient direction.  We ask that patients provide accurate insurance information and pay their co-pays, co-insurances and any known deductibles at the time of service to avoid the added expense of time and service for delayed medical billing.  Patients can check their account balances and pay on the Patient Portal timely and conveniently.  All account balances become the patients responsibility in 60 days from the service provided.  CHI staff is available to assist you with any insurance issues prior to 60 days.  After 60 days accounts are outsourced to a billing service for collection.  There is a fee for this process.  

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