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TPP Services & Programs 

The Institute looks forward to once again offering a comprehensive approach to treating the whole woman.  We believe that health is finding balance and integrating the mind, body and spirit.  The Institute will provide a full spectrum of health screening and educational services designed for each individual patient throughout all the "cycles" of her life.  


The staff will provide a combination of traditional and cutting edge screening services in the wellness clinics, networking patients within their insurance based health care systems for  problems, as needed, or offering optional pathways to health in the Turning Point Pathway to Health Integrated Medical Clinic. 


Make an appointment today in our Women's Wellness Health Screening Clinic.  It is a fee for service clinic, without restrictions of care secondary to contracts with insurance companies.  Please inquire about our pay it forward programs to assist women finance their health care responsibly. We encourage all women interested in living optimally, in vibrant health, to consult with Dr. Heyman in her Turning Point Pathways to Health Clinic.


Dr. Heyman believes in biochemical individuality based on one's genetic blue print. She provides patient-centered medicine, viewing health as positive vitality, creating dynamic balance and promoting organ reserve.  Dr Heyman has recently returned from sabbatical and is providing her own brand of personalized medicine, integrating modern and all the classical medicines.   


Consultations provide a very unique approach in understanding and treating the etiology of the disease processes and not simply band-aiding symptoms.  

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