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What is CLE-CHI

Updated: May 2, 2020

 We seek to provide outstanding whole person health care emphasizing preventative medicine, an appreciation for the quality of life, and the natural ability for the body to heal itself. Our care includes a multidisciplinary natural approach for acute and chronic conditions. Services include care for the whole family and include Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, Homeopathy and Vaccine Education.

What makes Turning Point Pathways to Health different from other medical clinics?

Our doctors are not only leading experts in their fields, they know that to solve difficult problems, they must focus on each patient as an individual.  Solutions are specific to their genomic blueprint and current metabolic and physiologic testing, which may include the MRT, a highly specific cellular food sensitivity testing, stool microbiome DNA and culture, or hydrogen breath testing. Blood and urine metabolic, micro-nutrient, and toxin assessment is used in combination to target prescriptions. Our medical management plans integrate all your information with the goal of immediate acute intervention, restoration of balance and optimization and maintenance of health.

This multidimensional approach is not about winning a battle or a triathlon, but rather about mastering your own health.  We help you realign your compass, so that you can live your life purpose, contributing to our world as the happy, healthy, and wise individual that you are!  Vitality is our mantra and our wish is for you is to connect with your inner physician and that Turning Point Pathways will be a life transforming experience.

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